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Infrared Thermographic and Ultrasonic Surveys

The untimely shutdown of electrical distribution equipment and primary mechanical systems often results in lost production, higher operating costs, dissatisfied customers and lost profits. A major industrial engineering and insurance organization recently revealed that over 30% of their total losses resulted from electrical problems.


Implementing a sound infrared thermographic imaging program is potentially the single most important preventive measure. Conservative estimates indicate that an average savings of $14 is derived from each $1 invested in such a program.


As a vital electrical maintenance procedure, infrared and NDT engineering is one of the most effective and efficient non-destructive testing programs available. The Protective Intelligence Division of G.E.C. provides the expertise and technology needed to apply this proven solution to your property loss prevention challenges.


By detecting areas of abnormal temperature, Government Equipment Corporations Protective Intelligence Division Infrared Thermographic Surveys include

          Diagnosing problem areas and determining their severity in electrical systems, mechanical equipment, roofs and building envelopes

*          Pinpointing non-uniformity of temperature within process applications to resolve variances and deficiencies

*          Realizing substantial and quantifiable operational cost savings through the application of infrared imaging techniques

         Severity and impact ratings for each finding

*          On-site report delivery for immediate action

The benefits of a G.E.C. Protective Intelligence Division Infrared Thermographic Survey includes

         Prevention of emergency maintenance

*          Fewer business interruptions from equipment downtime

         More efficient production and energy usage

*          Minimal potential damage to equipment and facilities

*          Formal comprehensive reports

*          Improved overall productivity and profitability


With our extensive experience in infrared thermographic imaging programs, and the use of the best equipment in the industry (Fluke Ti55, UE Ultraprobes, etc) we assist clients in a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, municipal and institutional operations.